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About Dr. Rachel S. Strass

Dr. Rachel S. Strass, DOM, LAc, Dipl OM (NCCAOM) is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a licensed acupuncturist (LAc). She also completed the National Diplomate of Oriental Medicine from the NCCAOM (Dipl OM, NCCAOM) and holds two Master degrees: Acupuncture (MAc) and Oriental Medicine (MOM).

Rachel Strass has always had a desire to help others and has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 15 years. She has extensive knowledge relating to anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, auto-immune conditions, acute and chronic pain in groups of all ages. She has considerable expertise in getting to the core of a problem and unraveling it.

Dr. Strass specializes in working with creative geniuses and artists of all types with performance anxiety and depression. She loves helping professional musicians, dancers, speakers, and scientists find their voice, give 100% in their performances, and feel emotionally connected. She offers sincerity, acute perception, and an excellent understanding of human nature and of energy healing. Her gifts include integrity, intelligence, and compassion, not to mention a quick wit.

Dr. Strass has walked a long and winding road in her life. She comes from a very long line of survivors. Her family tree is rooted in Eastern European and Ukrainian Jewish culture. It is filled with musicians, lawyers, scholars, and scientists. She was raised to live with an attitude of resilience and to practice mental flexibility. She brings this with her and shares it wherever she goes. Initially trained as a classical singer and guitarist, she changed course and earned her bachelor’s degree in Russian. She then mastered the science of computer programming, working with servers and user interfaces. However, as none of these vocations satisfied her need to be of service, she went back to school for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and has remained focused on holistic health since that time.

Her services are available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

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