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Holistic Health and You

Holistic Health and You

The word ‘holistic’ means mind and body are treated as one. Anytime one aspect of a person is improved, other aspects are also improved. Treatment happens in the office and after you leave the office. Lifestyle is extremely important, including diet & nutrition, sleep, movement, and awareness of thoughts and feelings. As I remind my patients, we know how we feel by sensing our body feelings. Joy is not felt in the mind alone. We feel our emotions in our body because we ARE our body. For this reason, when we feel better physically, we feel better mentally, and the other way around. Every treatment is head to toe, not just one thing.


The body is the mind is the body. When a person is practicing good posture anywhere in life, it will feel right. This includes muscles, emotions, thoughts, and feelings. If we remove pain and not the cause, the body will build the pain again. The body is always teaching us about ourselves. After a treatment, the feeling of being in a harmonious state naturally encourages a better posture in all ways. It is a reminder of how it feels to be ourself.



Holistic healing can be used many ways. Relaxation, stress-management, and physical concerns are some reasons. Many people come in for anxiety, digestive issues, knee, lower back, sciatic, migraines, muscle aches and pains at first. Then as you feel the relaxation and peace that comes with every session, you may come for other reasons. The main reason is to improve your quality of life and for a chance to change things for the better. And you can take it as deep as you want to go, using it as part of a spiritual deepening with meditation and yoga, qi gong, and/or tai qi. With regular treatment, you can feel the difference on many levels. It reminds you that you are the one with the power to create your life.

The power of holistic healing is that it does not try to control nature, but works with the natural forces already in play. It is possible to move 1,000 lbs of weight with 2 oz. of effort, if the fulcrum is placed at the right spot. The massive forces of nature are impossible to control and difficult to predict. And the body is a microcosm of nature. There are rivers, mountains, valleys, rain storms, and every season in the body. We say we are in ‘the springtime’ of our life. And the song, “Cry Me a River” is a great blues standard. Analogies like these are everywhere in our language because they describe our reality. Holistic medicine works because it recognizes this and applies logic to this knowledge.

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