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How To Balance Feelings of Fatigue

Steam rolling in to represent fatigue and finding balance

Many people suffer from fatigue. It is frustrating to go through the day, feeling like we’re carrying a load of bricks. A lot of people use coffee, energy drinks, supplements, or drugs to get through their life. Is this really living? What can we do to find a balance with all the responsibilities, worries, drama, plans, goals, dreams, and obligations that we have?

There is more to do in life than there is time. There are more books than anyone can read, more foods than we can eat, and more meetings than we can attend. When we stand in the midst of all the possibilities and obligations, we become torn. Just thinking about it can be exhausting. This is where so many of us fail to realize that it’s not how much we can do, but how well we do what we do.

Chinese Medicine puts this in terms of qi (chi). Like having a bank account, each of us has a certain amount of qi that we can spend. If we spend it all on work, there is nothing left for fun, and this is a cause of illness. And if we spend it all on fun, there’s nothing left for something meaningful. Naturally, the key is balance. When someone has been living out of balance, fatigue is the call to return to balance. It is not something to be pushed aside and ignored.

Life is full of choices and when we refuse to choose, it leads to illness. Furthermore, once someone is not well, it is even more difficult to keep up with the endlessly turning wheel. This is when our power of choice is once again put before us do we really want to check everything off our list (impossible) or die trying? That’s not much of a choice; I recommend thinking of it differently: live life from the end. When we imagine how we will see our choices today when we’re facing our last moments on the planet, it suddenly becomes obvious.

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